My Sanity Hour

I like to start my day and end my day with some “me” time. So I get up early. No one makes me. There is no reason other than to have some “me” time and some “God” time – which to me is the same thing.

After I’m up for almost 1/2 an hour, I leave the house on a walk while the rest of the house is asleep. It doesn’t matter the weather – warm and sunny, rainy, snowy – you’ll find me walking most mornings. It is invigorating to get out into the fresh air and get some exercise. To get the heart pumping and the blood flowing. However, I do more than just walk while I’m out… I do my “sanity hour”. I do 15 or 20 decades of the rosary while walking (usually 15, then I’m home and I do 5 more with the kids before school – the mysteries of the day.)

It may sound like a lot and it is at least an hour’s worth, but I hate to miss this time of walking with the Lord. During my “sanity hour” I focus on the mysteries of the rosary – 5 Joyful, 5 Luminous, 5 Sorrowful, 5 Glorious. I also spend time meditating on the prayers and their meanings and learn something new every week. I think of those struggles I’m having and lift them up. I pray for people who come to mind. I make plans and sort things out in my mind, all while praying and allowing God to mold and shape those thoughts. Sometimes I have wonderful revelations or hear the Lord speaking to me and it is so exciting! I want to tell the world! But sometimes it is meant only for me and would mean very little to someone else. My God takes those times to remind me how special I am and how pleased He is that I’m spending time with Him.

During my “sanity hour” I walk the life of Jesus, from his conception, through his life, to his death and resurrection. I can take time to focus on His Mother Mary’s role in salvation history, and remember that Jesus gave her to me as my own mother and that he delights when I call on her help and intercession. I recently heard the rosary referred to as “the poor man’s bible” and I love it! That really does sum up what I experience each morning. While I meditate I really do experience the emotions of joy and sorrow, I rejoice in the way God reveals himself to us through Jesus, I ask for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit, and I see so many possibilities! Anything is possible with God! Bring it on!

After beginning my day with prayer and walking, I like to end my day in peace also. It is usually far less hassle, but just as important to me. I end my day with a hot bath and a good book. Sometimes I am reading a novel, and other times I am reading a “study” book – a cookbook, a homeschooling book, a bible study book. However, I do believe in winding down and taking some “me” time. Here’s a little secret – I usually fall asleep in the tub. Now that’s relaxing! Am I nervous about sleeping in the tub? Not at all! I figure, if I slip under the water, I’ll wake up! It’s when I wake up in a tub of cold water and as wrinkled as a prune that I know I’ve been asleep a little too long…


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