Setting up Shop

The kids and I spent last evening and this morning cleaning – a deeper cleaning than usual – because the Health Inspector was coming… and we passed! He’ll let me know in a couple of weeks if I need to modify the kitchen at all, but he thinks everything will be fine the way it is. So it’s official, my new homebased chocolate making venture is now underway – MELINA’S GOODIES AND GIFTS. Woohoo!!!

First I got my business licence, then I got the insurance, now I’ve got the health inspection – time to create! Time to spread the word! Time to celebrate! It’s all in place just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Last April I went to a Mary Kay Cosmetics party with a couple of my daughters and a friend. I learned about skin care and a little about their make-up and considered starting up my own business with them. I even went so far as to buy the kit. The main thing that sold me on the idea was that I was introduced to the fact that I could write-off a lot of house and car expenses, as well as business expenses. That fact alone was enough to get my attention. Next, I could earn the use of a car (and at the time we were a 13 person family with one 5 seater car). We have since bought a second car.

After a couple of parties with my new business, I realized that Mary Kay was not the business for me. However, a small flame was lit. I had a desire to have my own business. So I started to think about what that could be. About 15 years ago I had a business of selling homemade chocolates, and decided I’d see if I could do it again. I had stopped because I was expecting my 6th child, my oldest was 6 years old… and well, life was getting a little busy. It was time to focus on the children.

Now my youngest child is 6 years old and the timing seemed right. I tested out the market by selling a few chocolates here and there with success. Then I started thinking bigger. Last summer, not one of my 11 children was employed. So I decided that if we couldn’t find work, we could make our own. A homebased FAMILY run business where the kids could work, gain valuable experience and earn money – a natural extension of our homeschooling. The plan is to sell fudge at fairs this summer with the kids, sell chocolates locally at farmer’s markets and craft sales, and sell at home parties.

Mary Kay Ash, foundress of Mary Kay Cosmetics, always maintained that priorities should be God first, family second, and career third. The same has always been true for me. This is how I want to run my business. God is and always will be my first priority. My family is very important to me and a very close second. If I put God and family together, I’m sure that this business will be a success. God has led me to this by putting a desire in my heart, a necessity at my door and a well-timed comment by a fan of my chocolates that could only have come from God Himself, as the individual had no idea that I was even thinking of starting up my business again.

Now it’s time to make chocolate and get out there and sell!




  1. Congratulations! Make sure to take lots of pictures of your shop and all the goodies!

    • Thanks! I’ll do that!

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