Selling Chocolates at the Corner Store

604129_10151112480001638_48459958_n[1]My sister and my mom bought a convenience store in our small town and have allowed me to sell my chocolates there.  The first week was better than I expected, and the second week had Valentine’s Day to boost sales.  We’ll have to see what comes next.

I will also sell at local craft shows and farmers’ markets, and get the kids to run a booth selling fudge at some of the local fairs.  I think that that will give me enough money and keep the kids busy this summer.  Last summer, none of my kids had a job and as a result they slept until past noon every day and spent a lot of time on the computer.  There’s more to life than that!  Plus, it drives me crazy!  There wasn’t much else for them to do, though.

I enjoy making the chocolates and I love to hear all the positive feedback I get.  It makes me feel good.  It’s fun to share something so yummy!

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