Lent – Sacrifice Beans and Rosaries

jesus in the desertDuring the 40 days of Lent, we try to imitate Jesus in the desert as He prepared for His public ministry.  Jesus prepared by fasting and praying.  We fast by giving up something we like.  Some things different family members have given up are sweets, bread and ipods.  The kids are also doing “sacrifice beans” where they take a kidney bean out a bowl and put it in a mason jar with their name on it every time they make a sacrifice during the day.  At Easter, those kidney beans in the jar change into jelly beans…yum!  I love this post from Joy Filled Family http://joyfilledfamily.blogspot.ca/2010/02/simple-lent-activities.html.  This is a great way to put the focus on helping each other.sacrifice beans

We’ve also started praying the rosary in a slightly different way for Lent.  This week we are praying the joyful mysteries every day.  Over the next weeks, we will focus on all of the mysteries, spending a week on each mystery, really thinking about what they mean, expecially in regards to our purpose.   I’ve just read the book “A Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren that focuses on 5 purposes that we are called to as Christians.  They are:  worship, discipleship, fellowship, ministry and mission.   God created us to love Him with all that we are, to love each other and to share Him with others.  After we know and understand what our purpose is, we can try to figure out how God wants us to live it out.   We will spend one week on each of these  purposes as well.


Mary understood her purpose well.  “My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my saviour.”  Luke 1:46-47.  By praying the rosary while searching out our purpose, we will journey with Mary throughout the life of Jesus, her purpose.  We can spend these 40 days preparing to say “YES”  whenever God calls us, wherever He calls us.  Just like Mary did.  Just like Jesus did.


  1. prayers for a fruitful lenten journey for you and your dear family.

    • Thanks Lena. Have a blessed Easter. Thanks for the ideas!


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