The Roman Catholic Church asks us to fast and abstain from meat on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday in Lent, and some families still choose to abstain from meat on Fridays throughout the year, and others on Fridays during Lent.  I like to have vegetarian options for my family for variety in my meal planning.  Some meals are very involved, and others are quick and simple.  I usually lean toward quick and simple.  Here are a few of my ideas to share:

Fish recipes:

  1. Fish sticks or salmon cakes
  2. Shrimp
  3. Tuna or salmon sandwiches
  4. Tuna casserole
  5. Broiled fish

Breakfast for supper ideas:

  1. Pancakes or waffles or french toast with syrup or fruit
  2. Cold cereal with milk and a fruit salad
  3. Homemade granola and berries
  4. Eggs – quiche, scrambled, fried, omelette, devilled – with home fries
  5. Baked beans and fresh rolls

Sandwich with soup ideas:

  1. Veggie subs and vegetable rice soup
  2. Grilled cheese and tomato soup
  3. Toasted tomato sandwich and corn chowder
  4. Chopped egg sandwich and cream of mushroom soup
  5. Fresh baked rolls and homemade soup


  1. Pizza
  2. Spaghetti with vegetarian tomato sauce
  3. Macaroni and cheese – homemade or from a box
  4. Fettucine alfredo
  5. Meatless lasagna


  1. Chili covered in cheese with rice or corn chips
  2. Cheese and salsa quesadillas
  3. Nachos
  4. Vegetarian taco
  5. Layered refried bean dip served with corn chips


  1. Spring rolls and vegetable stir fry with rice

Potatoes (with a side of cooked veggies)

  1. French fries or poutine – french fries with fresh grated cheese and packaged gravy
  2. Hash brown casserole
  3. Baked potatoes with a variety of toppings
  4. Scalloped potatoes, mashed or perogies


  1. Vegetable salad
  2. Potato salad
  3. Macaroni salad
  4. Bean salad
  5. Veggies and dip or hummus

Fast Food ideas:

  1. Fish burger
  2. Veggie burger
  3. Cheese pizza
  4. Mexican with beans instead of meat
  5. Fries, baked potato or salad

When we’ve fasted for the whole day, I like to make the kids something a little filling but not fancy like plain rice or macaroni with butter, or I’ll add a can of diced tomatoes to macaroni.  On Good Friday we also have hot crossed buns and I’ll post my recipe closer to Easter.

What are some of your family’s favourite meatless meals?




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