ABC’s of Sharing – A Bible Study Format

I’ve posted a couple of times now about this BIBLE SHARE GROUP format I participate in:  one for ladies that I’ve been attending forever, and one I’ve started with my pre-teen/early-teen boys.  The boys’ group is ages 10 to 14.  This format is called the ABC Bible Sharing.

First choose a book of the Bible to base your sharing and growth on.  I’ve found that a Gospel usually works best, especially in a group that is just starting, because the Gospels are the teachings of Jesus given to us directly – our guidebook for living a Christ-led life.

Go through the chapters of your chosen book in order, one per meeting (weekly works best if possible).  Read the chapter of the week through once to get a “feel” for it – read it as a story of events that happened.  Read the chapter through a second time, highlighting or underlining (I actually mark up my Bible, but you could do this mentally) those verses that stand out for you.  A third reading is a time for you to ask Jesus to reveal what He is trying to speak to you about the events happening and the words being spoken.  This can be done over the course of a few days, or if you’re haven’t left yourself quite enough time, you can do this just before writing in your journal.

Your journal is the notebook you will use to to write down your ABC Bible sharing and any insights you have/ struggles you are encountering.  It’s YOUR journal – write down what is important to you.  The ABC’s of sharing are as follows:

  • A – Choose A title for the chapter you’ve read.  This is usually a theme that speaks to you.  You can get creative with this, or state it as you see it.  Try to keep it to 5 words or less.
  • B – Choose a Best verse.  This is your favourite verse.  Be prepared to share why.
  • C – Choose your Challenge.  This is usually one verse, but sometimes it is a group of verses or a collection of verses with a common theme from the chapter.  Your challenge will be something concrete that you can work on for the upcoming week.  Don’t make it too hard – it should be something that you can realistically achieve – but make it specific.  Don’t just say, “I will love more,” but make it more specific.  It could be, “I will love my husband more by…” or “I will have a daily morning prayer time so that I can love those around me properly…” or “I will take time this week to ask the Lord what area I need to work on so that I can conquer these unloving actions…”  The possibilities are endless and unique to who you are and what you’re going through at this time.
  • D – Share any Difficulties you had with the chapter you read.  At this point, you may find that any questions you had are already answered.  I find that my struggles with understanding were often someone else’s best verse or challenge and that the discussions and sharings have already answered those questions.
  • Don’t forget to share about last week’s Challenge and how successful/unsuccessful you were living it out this past week!  Writing these out week by week in our journals gives us a record to look back on.  We can see recurring themes and how we’ve grown over the weeks and years.

Remember, there are no right or wrong answers!  This is your personal journey and growth.  What God is speaking to you is personal and unique.  If someone does have an improper view of what being a Christian is all about, we can lovingly correct them and share from our own lives what we know the truth to be.

My ladies’ share group begins with a time of singing and worship.  Then we grab a drink and a snack and chat before we start sharing.  Some of these ladies have been meeting since I was a teenager and I eventually joined them too.  My mom leads the group, and my 2 sisters are part of the group also.  The group has had members come and go, but right now we are 7 ladies and the group started over 25 years ago.  It began as a couple’s group led by my parents, but it eventually splintered off into what it is today.  If we have kids with us, they join us for singing and worship before going downstairs to play.  We now meet on  Tuesday evenings, but we used to meet on Saturday mornings.

With the boys’ share group, we sit at the diningroom table and share.  If my husband isn’t working he usually joins us.  After we’re done is supper time, and I try to have a meal the kids will be looking forward to.  Afterwards they watch a movie or hang out.  It’s a great time to build relationships that can support their walk with the Lord.  They can also see each other trying and growing.

We have successfully used the ABC sharing for homeschool moms and I hope to use it with homeschool kids too!  I like using it with my own kids at home and have seen much fruit.

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