Candy? For BREAKFAST???

I have to say that unfortunately this is not an uncommon request in our house.  My response to this?  I’ve been heard to say to wait at least until after lunch, how can you eat that junk, don’t you ever want to eat anything good, are you trying to kill yourself?  This however is a reality of the world we live in.  I am a mother who wants to give her kids a better future by teaching them the right things (including eating) now.

This won’t happen by fighting with the kids or the husband.  When one of them complains about how much they don’t like or don’t appreciate what I’m serving, of course I get upset!  I get insulted, I may even slam a few things around or yell (oops, did I just admit to that?).  However, eating healthy isn’t supposed to be a nasty chore we have to get done, but a better way of doing things and even a JOY!  Eating healthy is a CHALLENGE!  It also doesn’t happen overnight if we haven’t been doing it all along.

What we need are recipes our family loves!  Maybe you are a vegetarian, or a vegan, or eating a Paleo diet… whatever the case (and I’ve tried them all!), we all want what is best for our health and for our kids.  Find THE dessert your family loves!  Find THE  breakfast/lunch/supper your family loves!  Find THE perfect snack!  Then you can start experimenting and it won’t overwhelm your family.

Kelly brought up this topic up on her post this morning

and got me agreeing…but instead of getting upset and insulted with my family, I need to focus on what I do have and build on it.

My little girls love raw veggies and fruits and soup.  Guess what I’ll make sure is out today?  I like to have a pot of soup simmering on the stove all the time made with nutritious bone broth.  When the teenagers get home from school I’ll have out some cut up veggies and maybe some mini quiche – they just want something quick and convenient.  Lunch today is pancakes and fruit salad – a request from one of the younger boys.  Did you know you can make Paleo/grain free pancakes with COCONUT flour?  Check out this recipe from Cheeseslave  Adding bananas is tasty, or applesauce, or try making letters or hearts or get really creative and put your batter in a squeeze bottle and make really cool art like here Amazing Dad-Made Pancake Art  or here or a simpler shape like here

 For supper I’m serving roast pork and potatoes and brocolli salad (another request!).  My husband has requested Tabouleh – I’ll make a double recipe for late night snacking, and lunch tomorrow.

Don’t forget to cook with your kids!  They love it (homeschool tip – math, reading, art, home economics, science, nutrition).

What are you going to make that is both loved and healthy?


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