God is in Charge of our Homeschool

Today I was reading a post from another mother about the benefits of homeschooling.  You can read it too here:  http://www.catholicpediatrics.com/articles/our-surprising-conversion-homeschooling-18-reasons-why-we-have-joined-america%E2%80%99s-fastest

I enjoyed this article and agreed with everything I read.  It is so true for us.  When I wrote it I thought, “I can write something like this too!”  And that’s what I started to do….

Then an incident happened with one of my sons that reminded me that I’m not in charge of our homeschool.  Nothing big, but a reminder none the less.   I asked to check his math work to find that he had been doing about one lesson a week, instead of one lesson a day.  He had done this last year too and we had talked about maybe putting a couple of the boys into school this year and decided against it.  Now the reason he gets away with this is that I am not very disciplined in checking on their school work to make sure they are doing what they are supposed to.  This, of course, has been a concern to my husband but I assured him that I would do better this year.  Well…I’m obviously not.

This incident was a reminder to me to be more diligent in my homeschool responsibilities.  It was also a reminder that I am not supposed to boast in myself (as I was going to do after reading Catholic Pediatrics’ article), but boast in the Lord.  God is in control of my homeschooling, even when I forget.  He is good to me and will lead me to be a better mother.

I’m also not worried about my son.  I want him to learn better work habits, and we will work on that together.  As far as his learning goes, he is already far advanced from his peers who are in school (at least in math).  My focus though is not so much on the academics, but on his character, which is why I want him to learn better work habits.  This will help him his whole life long and make him a better person.

Thank you God for being in charge.

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