Growing a Youth Group

For years, at my church, we’ve dedicated one Sunday a month for our youth.  It started out as having the youth participate in our mass by doing the readings and doing the collections.  Last year we also started having a lunch and activity for the kids after mass so that they could get to know each other.  However, something more is needed because the youth still aren’t that interested.

I was on Facebook today and started to watch a video that Facebook suggested by Logan Laplante from a talk he gave on about Hackschooling (similar to homeschooling).  In his talk he mentioned the Squaw Valley Institute Kids which caused me to look them up.  What I found was inspiring and totally doable.  They gave a 1-2-3 list of things to do to accomplish what they’ve accomplished here

These tips are for bringing in guest speakers from all different expertise to talk to the kids.  We can do this at our youth group too.  Inviting a speaker who can tell how they live for the Lord in all that they do.  Some may be missionaries, but others will be less obvious about their devotions but powerful none the less.

Our next youth Sunday will be the Sunday before Lent where the youth will be serving a pancake lunch for the parish, but following month my goal is to invite someone from our parish to share their passion and their witness.


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