The True Meaning of Easter

Today I’m introducing the kids to The Champion by Carmen.  I announced this morning that we’ll be acting this out for the family for Easter.  It is a totally awesome narration/song!!!  I encourage you to listen to it.  It very imaginatively and effectively gets the message across of Jesus winning the victory for us with his sacrifice on the cross.

I’m always trying to get the kids to think about their faith.  This morning we prayed our family rosary (which we offered up for their aunt who celebrated a birthday recently).  Afterwards I read them Matthew 27 from the Bible with my younger kids.  This chapter is about Jesus being brought before Pilate until his death on the cross.  I try to read a chapter from the bible a few times a week with the kids.  I explained some of the historical context surrounding this event, as well as the meaning of certain words – hanging, scourging, crucifixion, we remembered how Fr. Cameron had talked about certain aspects of this Gospel during his homily on Sunday, and we even talked about the Stations of the Cross.

After the older kids had left for high school (the younger homeschooled kids and I hide in the livingroom while the older ones are getting ready to leave), the kids went to their rooms for 10 minutes of prayer and contemplation about the bible reading.

So much to think about!  I love thinking about my faith and sharing it with my kids!



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