Everyday Evangelism

There are so many ways to do this!  I’ll share a few that I do.

1.  Stop and bow when walking by a church to acknowledge the holy ground and to worship Jesus.

2.  Boldly carry my Bible while walking to Bible Study.

3.  When asked to serve or lead a ministry at Church and other Christian groups, like VBS or Bible Study, say yes (if possible).

4.  Talk with Christian friends at our kids’ sports about church and faith, so that others around us can also benefit from the conversation.

5.  Make church the priority on a Sunday, or Saturday night since we’re Catholic.  If the kids have sports on Sunday morning we still go to church and make a point of not missing.  We’ll go Saturday night or find a church close to where they’ll be playing.  Our older kids will attend mass with the younger ones without us on Sunday and they are quite faithful in doing it.  This is a witness to my family, to the team, and to our church to see our kids there without us.

6.  I have a home-based business selling chocolates and fudges, and am currently expanding to include inspirational cards, gifts and t-shirts so that I can share about my faith while selling.  Pray for this venture!

7.  I went to parent-teacher interviews in March at the high school with ashes on my forehead from Ash Wednesday services and got to share about “that dirt” on my forehead.  Some really interesting reactions!

8.  Share about my faith on Facebook and in my blog.

9.  Having 11 kids gives lots of opportunity for living our faith and sharing our faith with others…they can see it at work!

10.  I used to have a small sign at work with a scripture passage on it – and nobody asked me to take it down (it was actually left there by the person before me) and it helped me to get to know the other Christians in the office.

11.  Wearing a crucifix around my neck helps people to identify me as a Christian.

12.  Living my faith by serving others and offering prayers.  I’ve been involved in Prison Ministry, Youth Group, Sacrament Preparations, Choir, Hospital Visits…

The lists go on and on and makes each day an adventure!  What are your favourite ways to evangelize?

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