May: the Month of Mary

There are 2 months out of the calendar year dedicated to our heavenly mother Mary.

May is one of them.  October is the other.

This has always been a special month for me.  You see – I love Mary!  She is my Mama and she leads me to her Son.  What a wonderful Mama she is!  There are some things that I like to do for Mary to think of her and to honour her.  Simple things really that help me a lot.  They help me by focusing on things of heaven.  You know, my final destination (hopefully!).

There is my obvious devotion to the rosary.  I love to pray the rosary!  I came to this devotion as an adult and it has been a journey, but now I try never to miss a day – and I try to pray all 20 mysteries of my rosary every day.  Without it I feel incomplete and feel that I’ve missed an incredible opportunity to know Jesus more through the intercession of His mother Mary.  Who would know Him better than His mother?

I wear a Miraculous Medal with my cross around my neck.  I also wear a gem from my husband.  Together they remind me of Faith, Hope and Love.

I wear blue.  Every day of May, and every day of October I wear blue.  Either top or bottom – I wear blue.  To bed, I wear blue.  This is a practice I started (not sure when or why!) many years ago and it helps me remember my Mama Mary throughout the day and is a symbol of my devotion to her.

Do you have any special devotions you practice in this month of Mary?


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