How not to be disappointed this Mother’s Day

It’s true.  As mothers, we often feel over-worked and under-appreciated.  We do a lot and we put our whole heart into it.

So when Mother’s Day comes around we look forward to being spoiled and being told how great we are.  But it doesn’t always happen.

I remember one Mother’s Day standing in the kitchen all alone washing a sink full of dishes after eating a supper that I had cooked for the family…and crying.  I could hear my husband in the next room laughing with the kids and watching television.  It wasn’t fair!  It should have been me sitting and laughing, while he and the kids did the dishes.  I admit to saying a few uncharitable things, muttering under my breath…and still the tears came.

Then I had a revelation.  This was Mother’s Day, and what better way to celebrate being a mother than by doing what a mother does?  And doing it joyfully!

My poor attitude of yesteryear only caused me to not see or appreciate the blessings I had.  I forgot that the kids had made me breakfast in bed.  There was even a homemade flower in a vase on the tray.  I forgot all the precious handmade cards from the kids.  I forgot that my husband and kids were surrounding me during our supper.  I forgot that the mere fact that they expected me to cook supper and wash the dishes meant that they appreciated me and the life they had.  Even if they didn’t know it.

I forgot.

Now is the time to rejoice!  To celebrate!  To serve!  To be mothers! To thank God!  For all His goodness, for all His generosity, for all His strength, for all His joy…

I have a wonderful family who loves me.

I am called.  And I am MOM.


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