Rosary Reflection: The Birth of Jesus

Such a happy occasion!  A baby is born!

We focus on the happy occasion every Christmas and can forget the turmoil of the times.  Mary and Joseph had to travel to Bethlehem for a census because the Romans wanted to know exactly how many Jews lived in the land they had taken control of.  Of course, Mary was very pregnant, and anyone who has traveled at nine months pregnant knows it’s not comfortable or pleasant, and of course Mary had to travel on a donkey – I can’t even imagine!

After finally arriving in Bethlehem with so many other travelers, there was no room for them at the inn.  Joseph must have been worried for his wife and child, and wanted to provide a nice place for the birth, but at least they got a warm place in a stable.

After so many strangers coming to visit their baby, Herod has decided to kill all baby boys in Bethlehem and so the holy family flees to Egypt, after Joseph was warned in a dream.  We don’t know how long they stay in Egypt, but they were in a strange country with strange customs, and they return only after Joseph was told in a dream that it was safe to do so.

Thank You dear God for sending Your Son Jesus.  Thank You for the holy family that struggled as we all struggle and for their perseverance and for their steadfastness.  Their quick response to your guidance kept them safe.  May I also respond quickly when you speak to me.  Give me courage in strange circumstances.  May Your Son Jesus be born in my life in a deeper way today.  I love You.

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