Joyful Mysteries: Women of Laughter

she is clothed

…and she laughs at the days to come…

I’ve mentioned before that this verse has had a lot of meaning for me, telling me not to worry and to trust God.  It has always been a comfort for me and I really trust God with so many areas of my life.  Those areas that I worry about are the ones where I don’t trust God enough.  Like worrying about my kids and their walk with the Lord and ultimately their salvation…but God tells me to not worry.  Be vigilant, but don’t worry.

However, this verse came to a whole new level for me these last few weeks.

I was trying to write a post most days in May of my reflections on the mysteries of the rosary.  I was doing pretty good too.  I almost made it through the Joyful Mysteries when God really spoke to my heart.  Not only did my favourite verse from Proverbs 31, verse 25 …and she laughs at the days to come… refer to not worrying, but it was calling me to actually LAUGH!  Every day, as often as possible, even when I didn’t feel like it or it seemed a rather difficult time to laugh…God said to me, just DO IT!  Go ahead and LAUGH!

I realized that the rosary starts with the Joyful Mysteries for a reason.  We are to be filled with joy and LAUGHTER in all circumstances in our life.  The Holy Family had major struggles around the time Jesus was born – before and after – yet these are referred to as the Joyful Mysteries because of all the joy that could also be found in their lives at that time.

If we wait for our life to settle down and go according to our plans before we allow ourselves the luxury of joy, we totally are missing the point.  Joy is there in all circumstances.  It is there in our family life, in our ministry, in our sorrows, and in our glories.  Sometimes we just have to DO IT!  Go ahead, do it, just LAUGH!  Sure, right now, wherever you are, just take a deep breath and LAUGH!  Did you do it?  I know it sounds crazy and those around you may think you’re crazy, but you will get the most amazing feeling from it.  Trust me.

I just did it and I felt the stress and the worries and even the fatigue from the day start to lift.  The more often we can laugh, the more we will change, and change the world around us.  So that’s what God has been having me do these last couple of weeks.  He’s been getting me to LAUGH.  I’ve been thinking about it and putting it into practice.

Like Monday.  I spent several hours one day, and several hours on Monday trimming our front hedges.  They were getting quite overgrown and I trimmed up the sides with manual clippers, cutting one stray branch at a time.  At least as far as I could reach.  They were quite tall. Perhaps 9 feet tall.  I even had been working for the last couple of years to have branches from two sides of an opening grow across almost 6 feet up so that a natural arch was forming.  I was quite proud of the effect.  I planned for that opening to reveal a grass path through a vegetable garden in my side yard.  It was all a work in progress.

Next I came to an overgrown apple tree and was cutting branches so that a beautiful statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus would be visible from the road.  Our house is next door to our church, and both the tree and statue are really on the church property, but someone had repainted the statue last year, and someone else had repaired the roof above Jesus and it was only fitting that he could be seen and appreciated and adored.  Our side yard joins the church’s side yard and we are privileged to use the whole space as our own.  I love small towns!

Then my dear husband came out with his chainsaw and helped me by cutting some of the bigger stumps that needed to be removed (we could hear the township making its way down the street chipping branches piled on the side of the road as they approached out house, and we were trying to quickly finish up).  Then my husband asked if he could trim the hedges shorter.  Knowing the scaffold was set up at the front of the house right near the hedges I just presumed he meant he would use the scaffold to stand tall and trim the tops of the hedges.

Can you see where this is going?  When I rounded the corner with some branches to add to the piles the kids had made with me earlier, I spied my front hedges.  I should have been thinking OUR front hedges, but I didn’t.  I thought MY front hedges.  They were cut from at least 9 feet, to maybe 4 feet and they looked horrendous!  A total eyesore.  My 12 year old son saw me stop and saw my jaw actually drop and my mouth hang open…for about 20 seconds.

Then I remembered my lessons in LAUGHTER from the past 2 weeks and I actually smiled!  I smiled and thought – I have too much pride.  They didn’t even look that great before, even after I put all that time and effort into them.  And my husband is right.  They will grow and fill in in the next couple of years.  They did at our last house.  And if they don’t – oh, well…at least we can have a good LAUGH!  And that smile changed the outcome of that situation to one filled with joy.  I have a husband who serves me and kids who work with me and a hedge to trim at a house I own!  God is good!

Thank you Lord for lessons learned.  May I always LAUGH at the days to come…

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