Living as a Woman of Laughter

laughterWell, since receiving this Word, I have had time to practice being a Woman of Laughter.  There have been some ups and downs in my life, as usual, and I have to say that it is a great Word to remember to bring me back to laughter and joy.

I have noticed that I don’t automatically want to laugh when times are trying.  Does that surprise anybody?  Of course not.  What I have noticed, however, is that when I am taking the time to pray my rosary, then this Word about being a woman of laughter returns to me and I can feel the stress and anxiety seeping out of me as I continue my prayers.  By the end of my rosary, I am a different woman!  I am quick to forget though, so I need daily prayer to repeat this process.

While walking and praying this morning I was contemplating, meditating on the necessity of teaching our children about the end, our ultimate goal.  Our ultimate goal is to live in heaven forever with God.  I’m starting to plan for the upcoming school year, starting to think about what I will teach and what we will learn.  Since we’ve been homeschooling for over 20 years now, the book work is pretty much set out.  It changes a bit from year to year as each child is different, learns differently and has different goals and struggles.  However, what I want to teach is usually a little different from book learning, although I use the books to achieve a goal.

This year I want to teach more about the end.  About heaven.  About how to get there.  About living our lives totally 100% for God.  Living 100% for God is about really living.  Living with a good purpose in mind.  This is living worth living.  Now I have an idea for homeschooling and I will let you know a little more how I plan to do this when I figure it out myself!

Go ahead…Laugh out Loud!


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