To my #2 Son…The Value of Waiting

Dear Son,

When you were a baby, there were many things you taught me.  You taught me that accepting a situation rather than fighting it takes the bitterness away as I sat with you fussing night after night.  The tiredness was more manageable when I realized the gift of sitting with you.  You taught me the value of waiting for what I like as you refused pureed food waiting until you were old enough to grab small pieces of food and eat them.  You preferred to nurse and wait.  You taught me not to rush things as I carried you and your little sister around until you were ready to walk.  You walked when you were ready.  You taught me that listening is worth more than a thousand words as you bided your time before sharing your thoughts.  Once you started, you spoke in complete sentences.

When you were a child, there were many things you taught me.  You taught me perseverance as I watch you run with your little pushcar for hours in the parking lot.  You seemed never to tire.  You taught me that being yourself was more important than being what others wanted you to be.  They came to respect you.  You taught me that having to wait for a goal didn’t mean it would never come as you eventually got your black belt in karate and became an instructor.  You were dedicated and persisted even when told you weren’t ready yet.  You taught me that kindness and forgiveness is very important.  Your bullies eventually became your friends.   You taught me to view scripture in a whole new way during our bible studies.  Certain verses will forever hold new meaning for me, as seen through your eyes.

When you became a man, there were many things you taught me.  You taught me to fight for what I want as you went to summer school and attended an additional year of high school to make university a reality.  You didn’t let pride hold you back as your friends moved ahead.  You taught me courage as you prepare to move 3 hours away from home.  You are ready to embark on the next stage of your life’s journey.  You taught me that you don’t have to go far to find something you enjoy as you sit at the computer forging friendships and becoming a team leader.  That it all has to do with toast and jam and loaves is irrelevant.

As you prepare to leave for university, I urge you to take some time to think about what you also have learned – from God, from your parents, from your friends, from your community.  God has used many people and situations to teach you and to prepare you for your future, but most importantly for sharing in His ministry.  Time will reveal exactly how He wants you to use what you have learned and what you will learn over the next 4 years.  There is a reason for everything that happens and sometimes we learn what that reason is.  Other times it is our duty to just trust and wait.  I see that God has taught you in many instances the value of waiting.  When the time comes, you will again know that it is the time to act.  So always take the time to pray and to see God at work in your life until you see all these works come together into a plan.

God bless.


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