Monthly Archives: September, 2014

Rosary Reflection: Readiness

Mary was ready to say ‘YES’ – her fiat – when the angel appeared to her.  What did a young 13 year old girl do to prepare herself for this?  She spent her days meditating on God and on his goodness.  Jesus said ‘YES’ to the sacrifice of the cross.  What did a 33 year …

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Rosary Reflection: Being Passionate

What is the definition of believing?  The dictionary defines it as:  accepting (something) as true; feel sure of the truth of.  I would define it as being PASSIONATE.  Meditating with the kids this morning on the joyful mysteries and what it means to be PASSIONATE about the Lord and our faith: the PASSION Mary had …

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Back to School Means Back to Routine

Back to school means back to routine.  For me, back to routine means back to walking.  No more excuses for not getting out walking.  Time for me, time for God, time for exercise and time for routines. Time for me.  I wake up earlier than the kids and spend some time getting ready for the day …

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