Rosary Reflection: Being Passionate

What is the definition of believing?  The dictionary defines it as:  accepting (something) as true; feel sure of the truth of.  I would define it as being PASSIONATE.  Meditating with the kids this morning on the joyful mysteries and what it means to be PASSIONATE about the Lord and our faith: the PASSION Mary had that allowed her to say yes to God, the PASSION Zachariah must have had after he regained his voice after the birth of John the Baptist, the PASSION of the Wise Men as they traveled from far lands and the shepherd’s as they told everyone what they had seen, the PASSION of Ana and Simeon who spent their days in the temple and waited their whole lives for the Messiah and recognized Him right away, and the PASSION of Jesus that came from His personal relationship with the Father as He taught the teachers and rabbi’s in the temple. PASSION – what we need more of!

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