Challenge: Lift Your Neighbours up in Prayer

I walk in the mornings.  I pray the rosary while walking.  Recently I have felt that as I walk down the street of my small town, that Mary’s mantle is settling on the homes as I pass by them.  This mantle will protect her people from evil.  She will fight as Queen of Heaven and Earth with her angels to keep back evil from our lives.  She will gather us in and hold us near as our Mother.

I have recently been convicted to let Mary decide where my prayers will best be used.  I don’t as often offer up my prayers only for special intentions for those I know, but more generally for all those who need my prayers and an interesting thing has happened.  It just dawned on me this morning.

Mine is a small town.  Only a couple of hundred people.  Recently a new person has been sitting behind our family at church.  A single man from town.  I’ve enjoyed seeing him at church and chatting with him.  Then a mother and her two teenagers have started coming to church.  Before they moved to town they were regular churchgoers, but that changed when they moved.  They’ve decided to start attending mass again.  Making it a regular part of their Sundays.

This morning I realized that this was because of prayer, mine included.  I pray for my town and its people as I walk.  To protect them, to fill them with joy and peace, and to make Himself real to them.  In a way they can’t deny.  And He’s doing it!  I am seeing the results.  It’s exciting!

I challenge you:  do the same for your town or neighbourhood.  Lift your neighbours up in prayer and watch God work.

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