1601281_571578376263598_1012952166_nOne year ago today I became a grandma!  What a great day and a wonderful year!

In May of 2013, I was selling fudge with my oldest daughter at the Main Farmers’ Market in Ottawa when she handed me a book – Chicken Soup for the Grandma’s Soul .  What a happy day!  I remember being so excited that she had finally become pregnant (they’d been trying for a while) and that I was to be a grandma!  Her and her husband later went to visit my husband at work to tell him.

Aside from being excited, I was confronted with a problem…what would the baby call me?  I never thought this would be a problem, but the question haunted me.  I searched websites, I asked on Facebook, and I prayed.  I would decide, then become unsure.  I would decide again, then I would realize my husband would never catch on.  I couldn’t be Nanny, or Grandma, or Granny…they were already taken.  Finally I decided on Nana…and so I was for the first month or so…but it just didn’t feel right.  Grand-Melina is what evolved.

And Grand-Melina I’ve enjoyed being.  Baby sold fudge with us at her first market when she was only 2 weeks old.  Our new mascot!  I was already selling with my oldest, and my 4 youngest, and with baby (and everyone who stopped by to visit) we were becoming quite a large group.  We did manage to sell some fudge too!

I’ve recently been blessed with having my daughter, her husband, and baby move in with us temporarily.  What a joy to have them here – and to have baby get to know us better.  We now have 13 people living at home again.  I love it!  What a blessing to have baby come downstairs this morning and wish her a Happy Birthday first thing.  We had a party on the weekend, and we’ll have a fun supper of waffles and toppings for supper today.

I’m anticipating a long and happy life as Grand-Melina and I joke that baby is the first of at least 50 grandkids…but then God has an even bigger sense of humour than I do!

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