A Great Lenten Idea … Lights Out!

I had a small idea forming at the back of my mind…I thought a family board game night would be a great idea during Lent.  Then I read this post at Catholic Mom and had a eureka moment.  What a great idea!  No power for one whole evening each week during the Lenten season while the family gathered together to play games by candlelight.  Of course, we wouldn’t actually shut the power off, but we would light candles, use flashlights and battery powered lanterns, and shut off computers and all screens for the evening.  I even take a bath by candlelight and read a book.  What a treat!

During our last power outage kids started congregating in the dining room.  They seemed to come from every direction.  It was actually kind of amazing.  My son-in-law actually commented at the time that he was going to shut the power off occasionally with his family just so they spend some time talking.  And of course we had so much fun!   Running around lighting candles and finding flashlights, talking, laughing, playing games…time to just be family.

Our high-tech lives interfere with our relationships, so this Lent…hello family!  Good bye power!  Well, lights anyways…we’ll keep the heat on!

And remember to laugh out loud!

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