8 Ways Our Family Celebrates Good Friday


Good Friday at our house follows certain traditions:

1.  We fast.  My husband and I don’t eat anything, while we encourage the kids to last as long as they can without eating, then they can only eat simply so that they are not hungry, such as plain bread and water.  We also abstain from meat.

2.  When we do break our fast, it will be sometime after 3pm (the hour in which Jesus died) and we will eat homemade hot cross buns.  Hot cross buns are a traditional Good Friday treat.

3.  We watch a movie to help us remember the crucifixion of Jesus.  We have watched The Passion of Christ with all of the kids.  It is very graphic, but it definitely helps us realize how much Our Lord suffered.  The kids will often invite their teenage friends to join us.

4.  We decorate our Easter eggs.  We take our hard boiled eggs, dye them different colours and paint them, colour them or wrap them.

5.  We meditate on the Stations of the Cross.  At our church, the youth lead the congregation by reading the meditations for the Stations, which help us to remember Jesus on His way to His crucifixion.  Of course, you could always meditate on them at home.

6.  We start the Divine Mercy Chaplet Novena.  Good Friday is the first day of nine days of prayers for the Divine Mercy, finishing on the Sunday after Easter.  You can check out my post on how to pray a Divine Mercy Novena.

7.  We spend time as a family.  We are fortunate to have no school or work on Good Friday, and if it possible for you, try to do the same.

8.   3pm – a time of reflection.  Three in the afternoon is the time that Jesus died.  Take a quiet time to reflect on this.  We usually start our Mercy Chaplet at this time, since it is considered “Mercy Hour.”

What does your Good Friday look like?

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