This topic came up recently in a Facebook discussion group I’m in and thought I’d share some of our struggles and successes on this topic.

I wet the bed until I was 11, and at least 5 of my 11 kids wet the bed until they were 9 or older (guess what – it’s hereditary!) I stopped wetting the bed myself when I realized I would dream about peeing on a toilet and wet the bed…I was able at that point to wake myself up. We’ve tried many different things and I’ll share a few. Of course, limit liquid intake after supper. Try not to let them get overtired.  No caffeine.  Have the child empty their bladder just before bed.  Make sure constipation is not an issue, because it can lead to bedwetting.  I’ve also heard not drinking enough during the day can cause bedwetting at night.  

I also had the kids follow an anti-candida diet which included a lot of probiotic supplements to see if maybe an inbalance of their intestinal flora was the culprit – which it was for some of the kids. This also raises awareness in them about what is happening in their bodies which probably helped just as much. This worked with most. Some even had stopped, then restarted wetting the bed. Frustration! With my last bedwetter I was blessed to participate in a tour called Motherhood of the Travelling Wet Sheets (sounds cheesy I know!). It was to raise awareness of the large number of kids who still wet the bed at older ages – we’re not alone! But it is hard on families and the kids. There is a drug I tried with my last bedwetter called DDAVP melts…and it worked great! He could then go on sleep overs and to camp without Pull Ups and embarrassment. The way the pills work, is you give the child one a day before bed and it gives them the hormone their body isn’t producing yet that limits the production of urine during the night. After a few nights, you increase to 2 pills just before bed, again after a few nights, increase to 3 pills a night. The doctor on the tour said to keep them on for only a few weeks at this dose then start to ween them off. In most cases this is enough to stop the bedwetting permanently. If not, try again in like 6 months. And for us, we went from 5-6 wet nights a week to 1 occasional night! It was amazing, and I’m definitely not an advocate for prescription meds unless necessary. The beauty of these pills is that they work immediately, so even if your child went on a sleep over, you could give them enough pills for the duration and stop them if you wanted, but they would be dry on those nights. That being said, it is a condition to discuss with your doctor to make sure there are no underlying medical causes. And if you were to wait and do nothing, the child would eventually outgrow it when their body started producing enough of the hormone to limit urine production at night (unless there is a medical condition).

Hope this helps!


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