Prayer Tip Tuesday: You are Special, You are Loved

women of laughter and faith

Love you still, always will

You are special.  God loves you, right here, right now, with all of your strengths and all of your flaws.

God wants to hear from you.  You don’t have to wait until you are better or perfect to talk to God.  He loves you, the imperfect you.  He wants to hear your pains and your struggles.  He wants to share your joys and your laughter.  He wants to share your successes and your failures.  Nothing is too big or too little.  Nothing is too insignificant.  It is the little moments that build relationships.

Talk to Him.  Now.  Today.

Talk to Him during a specific time each day.  But don’t let it stop there.  Talk to Him when you wake up.  Talk to Him as you go about your day.  Talk to Him as you fall asleep at night.  The more you talk to Him the closer you’ll be to Him.

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