TBT – Back from the Dead – June 2008

women of laughter and faith

What a June that was!  My husband was away at his mother’s for a week when I started feeling ill.  I decided to keep going as if I wasn’t sick and see if I could get through it with no one knowing – a practice in sacrifice.  However, little did I know how sick I would get.

After a few days of fever I developed a full body rash that was unusual enough that I left the oldest in charge of the littles and drove myself to the emergency room of the hospital.  I sat apart from people in the waiting room in case the rash was contagious.  After being there for several hours while they ran blood work, I went home no wiser than when I first got there.

A few days later I felt worse and was now vomiting.  I returned to the hospital.  Blood work this time…

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