More Love Letters – a Project for Everyone


I came across this idea on Adventures of an Orthodox Mom and was instantly captivated by the idea.  Love letters to write and just leave for anyone to find.  So easy and so basic, yet it can fill a need in almost any life.

(Check out the original idea at More Love Letters and watch it on Ted Talk or read the book If You Find This Letter)

I am always saddened by the thought that the people around us can be so hurting and yet hide it so well.  I know that at times I am very exhausted by life and struggling to not give up, but I am fortunate because I have a relationship with God that I’ve been nurturing for years.  I know that if I am patient these feelings will pass and I will again be happier and filled with God’s joy.

I often wonder how people survive these times when they don’t have a personal relationship with Jesus.  I think these letters can help to spread love in a unique and non-threatening way.

I am going to start this week, and hope you will join me.  I’d love to hear about your letter writing journey 🙂

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    Bring your notepaper to the beach or park with you, bring it on the bus, write on your lunch break or before bed and spread the love.

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