Homeschooling Science with the Magic School Bus – 34 Weeks of Lessons

Magic School Bus

I’m interested in this Science project this year and thought I’d pass it on.

 The first day you watch Magic School Bus on Netflix, borrow the series from the library, or buy it.

 Then you read books, do projects and do writing or watch another video.  Looks like a winner – and it’s ready to go.

You can download the Primary Science Lesson Plans for Magic School Bus DVD’s for free from Teacher’s Pay Teachers.

A whole year of science, in a format your kids will love and remember.

I first saw the idea here.

I don’t do a lot of science at home focusing mainly on reading, writing, arithmetic and religion, but this looks interesting and fuss free.

And who doesn’t like the Magic School Bus?

Happy schooling!

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  1. Reblogged this on womenoflaughterandfaith and commented:
    With the changes in the Ontario Curriculum this year, I think there will be a lot more families homeschooling.

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