Letter Writing Challenge – Love Letters Delivered!


Check out the challenge on Women of Laughter and Faith (Wolf).

This week I wrote and delivered 12 letters.

It was easy and fun!  Once I got started I was so excited I didn’t want to stop!

And then the thrill of delivering them.  I went out with one of my boys and left them on park benches, beside large rocks, in the crook of trees.  It wasn’t long before my boy was pointing out good spots to put the letters too!  I even got accused of littering at one point, but after sharing my mission we parted with smiles.

It’s easy…just write a love letter anonymously and leave it for someone to find.  I ended each of my letters with a promise to pray for the recipient.  ‘Cause that’s who I am.

So, how about you?  Are you ready for the challenge?

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