Homeschooling Kids with Dyslexia

all about reading

This isn’t a topic I’ve researched much, but this program looks like a good place to start.  One of my younger kids has some struggles learning to read, and an older one chooses to school orally whenever possible.  Just recently someone suggested possible dyslexia and I’m ashamed to admit it never crossed my mind.

I’m still not convinced it is dyslexia, but this comment has helped me to expand my view and re-think my teaching strategies.  At the end of 11 children, I find I am in a routine with what has worked previously, but one of the advantages of homeschooling that I’m quick to share is that you can fit the curriculum to the child, rather than the other way around.  Now I find I am guilty of the whole “fit the child into the existing mould.”

All About Reading is a program written by a mother of eight who has 7 kids with dyslexia.  Marianne Sunderland has developed a program that looks great.  I have included a few programs she offers:

All About Reading Pre-Reading

All About Reading Levels 1-7

All About Reading Interactive Kits

Happy schooling!

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