How do you Know a Loved One is in Heaven?

Lisa from The Practicing Catholic had this article to share about knowing a loved one is in Heaven.  This article gave me extra confirmation about my Dad.

If you’ve read my post about my Dad, you’ll know about his schizophrenia.

Lisa shared that “the Holy Spirit will send you confirmation” to know if your loved one is in heaven.  Until then (and even after) keep praying as if they’re in purgatory.

In the last years of his life, my dad lived away from his family after a failed marriage and lived some aspects of his life in contradiction to his earlier beliefs, so I was very concerned when he died about his entrance into heaven. I also knew that he was sick, and couldn’t be held accountable for all of his actions, but which ones?

A couple of months after his death a cousin contacted me to say she had just received a returned Christmas card in the mail that she had sent my dad 3 months before when he was sick with cancer stamped “undeliverable”. It kind of spooked her but it was my confirmation.

I “knew” that he was in heaven.  This was my “sign” from either Dad or from heaven.  Really it was just the Holy Spirit sending me confirmation.  And it was a sign just for me, because no one else who has heard this story has had this same feeling, but for me it was a strong confirmation and I thank God for it.

It also gave me another level of understanding into my Dad’s schizophrenia and the level of accountability people with mental illness have over their actions, even from God.  They really don’t have the same kind of accountability the rest of us have.  And today that reminder is important as I deal with people around me who are “sick.”

Mental illness is such a gray area that each little step forward in understanding is a blessing to me.  May I be wise in using this information.  Amen.

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