Pray for Persecuted Christians

the word of GodPray for persecuted Christians
“My people are being persecuted, tortured, cruelly massacred by the enemies of the Gospel. Many, even as they were being tortured & murdered , forgave their muderers. Their families also forgave. Stephen as he was being stoned to death forgave, following the example I gave on the cross, ‘Lord, forgive them, do not hold this sin against them.
You know the result: I broke in on Saul asking, ‘Saul why are you persecuting Me?’ This brought about his conversion & he became the great apostle Paul.
In similar ways, your intercession for the protection of our brothers and sisters, forgiveness & intercession for our persecutors will bring about great results & marvellous conversions of our persecutors. Forgive, bless & intercede for the protection of our brothers and sisters & the salvation of the persecutors. Then I will intervene as I did at Stephen’s request.
Intercessors arise!
(as received by Deacon Stan Cor; shared with permission)


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