New Year’s Resolution #2


I’m putting this down as number two but really this is my first priority.  I have to get my prayer life back in order!!

This doesn’t mean I haven’t been praying but it still feels incomplete.  My best days are when my days start with a walk and a prayer.  As I’m walking I pray a rosary.  I pray 3 sets of mysteries and come home and pray the mystery of the day with the kids, or I pray all 4 sets of mysteries if the kids’ won’t be praying with me that day.  Three sets takes me a little over an hour of walking to complete, and 4 almost an hour and a half.

Not only do I get my praying in but I get my walk in too!  Praying the rosary this way gives me time to clear my head, lift up my troubles to the Lord, and listen to Him.  It always amazes me that each day a new depth of the Lord and His goodness to me is revealed.

My morning walk was a little inconsistent by the end of last year, and with it my peace and joy in the Lord.  This year is off to a much better start, although I have to admit I skipped a couple of mornings when it was close to -30 degrees Celsius!  I still try to pray the rosary even if I miss my walk, but I don’t find I usually complete the whole rosary.  Of course, praying in any amount is good, so I’m not too worried about it, but I do miss the peace that comes from praying a complete rosary.




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