Tamed by the Holy Spirit Thursday

Tamed by the Holy Spirit Thursday
“Be tamed by the Holy Spirit so that you will not be led astray by your feelings, your carnal nature or the latest trends & fads. Be a Holy Spirit tamed, taught, led & empowered disciple of Jesus Christ.
The Holy Spirit will always lead you in right paths, the ways of righteousness, love, peace & joy in the Lord. He will guide you & guard you as you let Him tame you & work in you for My divine purposes. Being the Spirit of truth, He will lead you into all truth & help you understand what My Word is saying to you & asking of you. He will give you the desire & strength to be & do all that I have destined for you. Being the Holy Spirit, He will make you more & more holy. He is the Lord & Giver of life & will strengthen & lengthen your life: spirit, soul & body. He hovers over you to make you the new creation in His power & in Jesus Christ. All this & more.
Be tamed by the Holy Spirit today & every day!”
(as received by Deacon Stan Cor; shared with permission)


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