New Year’s Resolution #3


Of course, what would New Year’s be like without a plan to better oneself – to feel better, to get in shape and to lose those Christmas pounds (and maybe a few more).  Pretty much the same plan as every year, just decided to make a record of it and to share it with you.

My plan is to use what I already have and tweak it.  Lent will be upon us soon, and I always give up some foods that I am particularly attached to during that time of year.  This year I will take it a step further and do a cleanse to not only help me lose a few pounds but also to attain better health.  It’s not the first time I do this, and I find it a great time of year to do a cleanse.  As winter is well under way and the “winter doldrums” threaten to take over.  I’ll be using a Candida Cleanse Kit…look around, I’m sure you can find one too.

Insomnia, bloating, general blah feeling, mixing up my words when speaking and muscle spasms are all signs that it is time for me to do a cleanse.  I have to say that I am healthier than I was at the same time last year, and hope that this cleanse will boost my health to a new level.  I will also eat a lot of bone broth soup and start my day off with fresh carrot juice (mixed with whatever fresh veggies I have on hand).  I already don’t eat grains, and have already greatly reduced my consumption of sugar and potato chips.

I go to karate once or twice a week and try to walk daily.  My walks were getting a little sporadic and I’m happy that in the last couple of weeks I have walked at least 5 times a week for at least an hour a day.  I don’t find that the karate is enough of a workout now and that I am getting sadly out of shape, but our sensei has started posting weekly fitness challenges to complete at home that I am planning on implementing, and doing a little more Dance Dance Revolution with the kids.  Walking is my greatest joy though.  It is a time of quiet in the early morning hours, a time to evaluate my day and a time to pray.  When things are troubling me I have found that praying while walking is my best solution for turning my day and my troubles over to the Lord.

The weight loss should be a natural extension of my cleanse, my diet change and my increase in exercise.  I’d really like to lose at least 25 pounds and I know I will feel better after I do.  My sister is also getting married in the fall and I’d like to look my best for that too.





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