Wonders of God Wednesday

(as received by Deacon Stan Cor; shared with permission)

“You look at creation, both the very tiny and the vastly huge and you are amazed at the wonder of it all. You marvel at My wonders in creation. The ability to perceive how wonderful it is & to marvel at it is itself a gift from Me.
Now consider this wonder: I have made you in My image and likeness; I have made you like Myself and for Myself! I have made you to know Me and to be in warm intimate relationship with Me!
This is a true wonder of God for you. Believe, proclaim & live this wonder & let it transform you more & more, yes, more & more like Me, more & more united to Me, more & more a wonder of God so as to reveal Me to all those who see you or encounter you in other ways.
Rejoice at My wonders & yourself become a radiant wonder of God!”

Lord, open my eyes to see Your wonders all around. Lord, I declare: I have eyes to see & ears to hear You & the wonders You have created & the wonders You do. Holy Spirit is within me & at work in me. He gives me the mind of Christ & imparts wisdom, insight & revelation. He has gifted me with a sense of wonder so that I rejoice at Your wonders that He reveals to me.

Lord, I thank You for giving me eyes that see as You see, eyes that see & a heart to recognize You in the wonders You have created. Indeed, I rejoice at Your wonders, especially the spiritual wonders & truths. Most wondrous is the wonder of salvation thru Jesus Christ, Your Son, our Redeemer. Alleluia!

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