Tides of Mercy Thursday

As received by Deacon Stan Cor; shared with permission

“My love is an endless ocean; it’s depths reach everywhere and the waves and tides of My mercy flow to everyone everywhere. Let the tides cover you. Let the tides of mercy purify & soothe you, heal & restore you. Let the tides of mercy wash away your sins, carnal desires & failures; let the tides wash away the guilt, shame, condemnation & the fear of failing Me again. As the waves & tides of mercy flow over you, be renewed in My love; come deeper into union & communion with Me, Father God Who loves you.
Admit that you are in constant need of My help & mercy. Admit also that My grace is sufficient for you. Then pursue Me & cling to me as if your life here & in eternity depends on it, for truly it does.
Know that I AM with you always. Train yourself to be consciously aware of My abiding presence with you & within you. I AM that close to you, always speaking to your heart, always calling you to intimate loving fellowship with Me.
The ocean of My love is endless; the tides of My mercy flow continuously. Come, bathe in the waves & tides of mercy, My infinite mercy!
Come to Me for the graces you need to live a holy & upright life, grace to be without sin.
Bathe in the tides of My mercy.”

“My ocean of mercy is not still or stagnant. My mercies are new every morning & keep flowing from My heart of mercy.
A person wishing to bathe in the ocean must come to the ocean. In the same way those who wish to bathe in mercy must come to My ocean of mercy. There is no other option by which mercy can be found. Come to the ocean of mercy, the waters of mercy shall never run dry.
Trust in My love & mercy. Remember that when you confess your sins is not when I find out about them; I know all along & am waiting eagerly for you to come with an honest, humble & contrite heart so we can set things right. When you do that it is a great relief to you as you receive My merciful forgiveness & love.
Never hesitate or delay coming to Me in repentance. Come bathe in the waves & tides of My ocean of mercy.”

(See Romans 4:8 & Psalm 32)


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