Set Free Saturday

by Deacon Stan Cor; shared with permission

Forgiving is a choice to be free from the hurts & traumas of the past. Forgiving is not saying that it was okay. Forgiving is not a feeling but a decision to set yourself free from the influence & control of the one who hurt you.
Forgiving has been likened to peeling an onion: you forgive & peel a layer off. Later on you find other layers remaining & you again choose to forgive. It is not that you haven’t forgiven but rather you are being graced to forgive & be free at a deeper level.
Never stop choosing to forgive until you can remember the incident (s) without feeling the hurt all over again. Keep forgiving until you are truly & totally free from all unforgiveness, resentment, bitterness & and anger.
Forgive and be set free!

Not forgiving someone is like taking poison hoping it will kill the other person.
Forgiving someone is setting a prisoner free only to discover that the prisoner was you.
Do yourself a favour, forgive.
Trying to suppress anger, bitterness, resentment & desire for revenge is like a pressure cooker without a pressure release valve: eventually it will blow up & at the most inopportune time. You & others will get hurt. Deal with it now; apply the pressure release valve of forgiveness.
Do yourself a favour forgive!

Lord, heal in me what most causes me to hurt others.

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