Stay Free Sunday

As received by Stan Cor;  shared with permission

“I have set you free and I give you the grace to stay free as you cooperate with the grace. In Me you have the forgiveness of sins, wrong choices & failures. In Me, you have the freedom to forgive others & yourself. In Me you can be set free from all that binds you, from all that is not from Me.
I do not bring everything that needs change to your attention all at once, nor everyone you need to forgive. It would be too much for you. However, as you may have noticed, I do work in your life gradually, bit by bit, as you grow in faith & trust. I know when you are ready to face your need to change & grow in holiness, mercy & love. As you grow stronger, I bring to mind those you need to forgive, including yourself, and those things you need removed from your life, one step at a time until you are totally free.
You are on a journey with Me toward that total freedom; keep on pursuing that freedom for I AM with you to help you fully attain it, keep it, and fully accomplish the destiny you were created for.
Receive the freedom I bring to you, but don’t stay there. Keep pressing in for more & more. Hold on to the freedoms I have graced you with.
Be free and stay free!”

“Stay free from sin, temptation, wrong choices, fear, guilt, shame & condemnation. Take time to be holy; take time to pursue holiness. Let Holy Spirit guide you into the ways of holiness. Ask Him to reveal the truth to you, the truth about the horrible eternal consequences of sin. He is the Holy Spirit; ask Him to make you holy & to give you discernment to recognize & strength to resist all temptations. Ask Him to purify your heart, desires, motives & intentions.
Once He has done so, keep close fellowship with Him so He can keep you free of all that is not good, pure, beautiful & holy. He will make you free as you lean on Him & yield to His guidance.
Let Him help you stay free”


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