Forward Forward Friday

” I call you forward into good & pleasant things. I also call you into battle, battle that precedes & brings forth victory. Do not fear the battles that I call you to for I AM with you & My heavenly hosts are eager to do battle alongside you. The battles I call you to may not be easy, but I have graced you & equipped you for them.
Before you go forward into battle check with Me to be sure I have called you to it. Some battles are not for you to engage in directly, perhaps just to pray & intercede for those who are. In other battles you will need human as well as angelic help. In some battles you may have only a minor part. In others you will be a key warrior. Get your directions & marching orders from Me; I AM the Captain of the heavenly hosts, I AM your Captain.
Once you have ascertained My orders, boldly press forward into victory.
‘Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit says the Lord.’
Forward, forward, always forward for I never sound retreat. Remember that when you do battle you do from a position of victory, My victory.
Feed your faith; do everything in love. Faith works thru love. Gird yourself with the full armour of God; wield the sword of the Spirit, the Word of God.
Forward, My people, forward!”

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