Tidy Up Tuesday

as received by Deacon Stan Cor;  shared with permission

“Today is a good day to tidy up the clutter that so easily creeps up on you: clutter in your spirit, clutter in your soul (mind, will, intellect, emotions), clutter in your physical surroundings & in your activities. Tidy up each of these areas; I will help you and you will find peace as well as time for the things that really matter to you & others.
All that paperwork you say you want to do, tidy it up one item at a time. Then you will have time for Me & for the good books I brought to your attention. Above all, tidy up your busy schedule to take the time you need with Me in prayer, listening, My Word, praise & worship. Make this your first priority. Listen to Me & I will help you tidy up all the rest.
Tidy up & what faces you will not be as overwhelming as it may seem now. Take care of one item at a time: the letter or email to write, family & friends to call & visit, tithing to catch up on, spiritual Bible-based reading to inspire & encourage you, etc. Tidy up & enjoy the peace & freedom it brings.
Beloved child, tidy up, tidy up!”

“Tidy up – clear up the clutter in every area of your life and life will become much more peaceful, pleasant and stress free. Let Me show you how to tidy up and to show you what is the clutter in your life. It is not the same for everyone, so do not judge yourself by others. Trust Me as I show you what needs to be cleaned up, reduced, cleaned out or eliminated.
What you may think is essential may actually be clutter that needs to be cleaned up so that you can have My best for you.
Tidying up is like having a tune up to enhance performance and power, spiritual performance & power. You want more spiritual power?
Tidy up & see the improvement.
Tidy up!”

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