Surprised by God Saturday

written by Deacon Stan Cor;  shared with permission

Have you ever been surprised by God?
Remember the times you thought of a friend & surprise! They called you or you met them unexpectedly to your mutual delight as you caught up on each other’s lives.
Perhaps you faced a difficult situation & Holy Spirit surprised you with a simple successful solution. Perhaps you admired something & thought, “I’d like to have that,’ but did not buy it. Surprise, a family member or friend, without knowing your desire, gave it to you as a gift! How many times has someone said or written something that was exactly what you needed to hear, a word that uplifted and encouraged you?
As you pay attention you will be more & more surprised by God as He orchestrates all the details to bring things about to surprise & delight you. As you notice & delight in His surprises, you will realize that He rejoices in surprising His children. You will notice people, encounters, happenings, breakthroughs and meaningful gifts as His surprises.
Be grateful for the surprises He brings to you. Be grateful and expect to be surprised by God. Watch Him ‘wow’ you! Be surprised by God daily!

“Surprise, surprise, God is a surprise
Right before your eyes,
It’s baffling to the wise.
Surprise, surprise, God is a surprise,
Open up your eyes and see.”
So goes a Carey Landry song that expresses joyfully the lovingly playful nature of God revealed in the ways He surprises us. God is much more a loving, laughing God than the straight laced think. Yes, being a disciple of Jesus is a serious matter, but a fun adventure at the same time.
God is a surprise as He leads us into areas we once were not comfortable in and gifts us in ways we would never have imagined. We who couldn’t speak in public even as readers in church now speak publicly. We who felt so inadequate find ourselves empowered by the Holy Spirit & confident that He is working thru us as we give our ‘yes’ to serve.
God is a surprise, alleluia! God is a surprise & He so transforms us that we become a surprise to those around us and even to ourselves.

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