March Onward Monday

as received by Deacon Stan Cor;  shared with permission

“I have spoken to you & I have given you My orders: march onward! March onward as I have directed you. Do not hesitate; do not fear. Be fully assured that what I have asked you to do, I have equipped you to do. This equipping will be made manifest when you march forward in faith and obedience. Holy Spirit is ready and eager to move when you move.
You have heard that sometimes faith is spelled R, I, S, K. If you are not sure, step out a little and test My orders to you. RISK: Rise In Serving the King. If I call you to do something, is there really any risk? Be confident in what I call you to do; as you move onward, know that I AM with you always. Move onward with great expectations that as you move I move with you and work with and through you.
Some may say, ‘But I haven’t heard Your orders.’ Take time to be still & listen for My orders. Listen, for I AM speaking to you, yes, to you! Listen & do & be amazed at how powerfully I work through your obedience.
March onward with confidence that I march onward with you. I AM God Almighty – with you & within you. March onward.”

“March onward, for I AM on the move & I desire you to move onward with Me as I make all things new & do a new thing. The needs of the world for salvation , deliverance & sanctification are so great that My compassion is moving Me to act in greater & greater power.
I need all hands on deck! I need all My people to engage with Me & move onward to destroy strongholds of darkness & to nullify the schemes & power of every enemy of the Gospel. Time is of the essence; the time is now! Now is the acceptable time; today is the day of salvation.
March onward with Me to manifest My victory. March onward shining the light of Christ brightly so as to destroy darkness & to establish firmly My kingdom of light & life.
March onward!”


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