Songs of Glory Sunday

as received by Deacon Stan Cor;  shared with permission

“O Lord, our Lord, how glorious is Your name over all the earth! You have exalted Your majesty above the heavens. (Psalm 58:2)”
“Give to the Lord, you sons of God, give to the Lord glory & praise, give to the Lord the glory due His name; adore the Lord in holy attire. (Psalm 19:2-3)”

“Songs of glory remind you of My greatness on behalf of those whose hearts are committed to Me. Songs of glory remind you that I have triumphed gloriously & that I will triumph gloriously in your life & days. Songs of glory will build up your spirit in fully persuaded faith, audaciously expectant faith. Once aroused, that faith will draw forth mighty & glorious things from Me.
Songs of glory & praise preceded victory in many situations as the Bible records. Songs of glory are more for you than for Me because they remind you of My glory & might & My eagerness to triumph gloriously for you as you take hold of My promises.
Songs of glory bring Me on the scene for you, & remind you that it is not your wisdom or strength that brings victory & positive major changes. Rather, it is by My spirit that I manifest My triumph for you.
Songs of glory are invitations for Me to show up & show off, to manifest My glory on earth for you and for all those within your assigned areas of influence, territories and missions.
Be bold & expectant as you sing songs of glory, My life-giving, life-changing glory!”

What the Holy Spirit touches He changes.

From a song:

“Holy Spirit, come and change us;
Touch us, heal us, rearrange us.”

Am I ready for change? Do I recognize the need for change? Am I ready to embrace the changes Holy Spirit wants to make in my life?

Holy Spirit, come!

“Songs of glory are a set up for Me to show up because they get your attention off yourself & onto Me. Songs of glory are a set up for Me to step into your presence, to manifest My presence to you, to cover you with My glory. My glory will overwhelm you with a deep sense of My holiness & your need to repent & be purified as it did Isaiah & others.
This is a good thing as it gives Me an opportunity to do a transforming work in you: spirit soul & body. The more you grow in purity & holiness, the more of Myself I can reveal to you & thru you. The more you grow in purity and holiness, the greater your capacity for My glory grows.
Songs of glory, joyfully expressed, draw My presence, focus your attention on Who I AM & what I can do. Songs of glory draw you into My holy & purifying presence where My glory is manifested in great works, signs & wonders. Eagerly sing songs of My glory for you will be the primary beneficiary.
Songs of glory be daily in your heart and on your lips.”


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