Out of the Shadow Saturday

as received by Deacon Stan Cor; shared with permission

Victory in Jesus, my Saviour forever.
He sought me and bought me
With His redeeming Blood.
He loved me e’er I knew Him
And all my love is due Him.
He plunged me into Victory
Beneath the cleansing flood!

This hymn expresses well that Jesus has rescued us believers from sin and brought us out of the shadows of sin, shame, guilt, fear and the consequences of sin. He has brought us into His marvellous kingdom of light, love and bright glorious future.
Out of the shadows doesn’t mean we never fail Him; we do but we don’t have to. We can choose to always live in His light. When we do miss it we can choose to run to Him with humble contrite hearts. He will forgive us and renew in us the joy of being forgiven, the joy of being beloved children of light .
Out of the shadows He has brought us into His glorious light and has made us light to the world. How great is His love! How great is His mercy! How amazing is His grace!
Out of the shadows let us walk in the light!

“Come out of the shadows of your sense of inadequacy, fear, doubt & unbelief. Come into the bright light of My holy presence & glory, be not afraid for I AM with you always. Come into My Light; in Me there is no darkness at all. I AM the Light of the world .
You My disciples are called to be the salt of the earth to make others thirsty for Me because they see your love, joy, peace, unity & see how I bless you. You are called to be light to the world to light the way to Me for those who do not yet know Me as their Saviour & Lord & are not in covenant relationship with Me.
Be a shining light for these souls so they also may come out of the shadows of sin, shame guilt, rejection, loneliness, despair & depression, etc. Light the way for them & so lead them to Me. Light the way for them by your intercession for their salvation, by sharing about Me with them as Holy Spirit brings the opportunities to you, by your love, peace & joy, & by the love you have for one another. There are so many ways you can let My Light shine in you & thru you.
Come out of the shadows & lead multitudes out of the shadows as well.”


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