Transformation Thursday

as received by Deacon Stan Cor; shared with permission

I had one room, just one room, one little room to share.
I had one room, one little room, I invited Jesus there.
I shared my heart; He shared his, and showed His loving care.
He shared his heart and his Father’s house with many rooms to spare

His sleeves rolled up a smile on his face, He went to my wall so bare.
He called me over, we pushed down the wall, revealed a new world there.
He showed me that my little room was much more than I saw there.
He showed me that He in me opened vistas broad and fair.
O, how He changed my life, my little room, the Man from Galilee.
Gave me a life so bright and wide, joined to eternity.

Does your life seem like just one room, constricted, dark and bare?
Into your room, one little room, invite the Lord Jesus there.
He will come in and share his heart and show his loving care.
He will take your life, one little room, make it a mansion fair.
At your side He will abide and show his glory there.

“Transformation is My domain,
Transformation is My fame!
My titles of Saviour, Redeemer, Messiah make it plain,
Prince of Peace , Restorer of the breach, there it is again.
I dispel the darkness, spread the light.
The darkest hour I make so bright.

My call is clear so come to Me,
Invite Me in, transformed you will be.
Invite Me in as your welcome Guest,
Invite Me in and enjoy My rest.

My transformation makes the sinner clean,
Gives sight to the blind, wholeness to the lame.
My glory light exposes Satan’s plan
So you can resist and victorious stand.

Transformation is My domain
Transformation is My fame.”



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