Triumph of Goodness Thursday

as received by Deacon Stan Cor;  shared with permission

“Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. (Rom. 12:21)”
“I have given you the gift of free will, the freedom to choose even if it means to choose eternal separation from Me. Your choices have eternal consequences, so be careful what you choose. Seek My direction & follow what I show you. My ways lead to salvation and eternal life with Me in the glories of heaven. Choose Me; choose life – My life & start enjoying My life and favour now.
Choose to stand firm in Me with Me overcome evil with good. Never repay evil for evil, rather call forth My mercy on evil doers; pray for their salvation, conversion & sanctification. Overcome evil with good.
In My Name & authority tear down the strongholds that the enemy has built in the lives of sinners. In My Name break the power of the wicked spirits controlling their behaviour that they may be free to choose Me & My ways. In My Name cancel the assignments of the enemy against them. Declare & decree that My good & perfect plans will be fully accomplished in their lives.
Overcome the evil in their lives by speaking goodness & blessing upon them. Call forth the triumph of goodness in the lives of all within the areas of influence and territories assigned to you. Call forth the triumph of goodness in your life, family, parish & community. Call it forth so that all may experience & see the triumph of goodness in their lives.
Declare & see the triumph of goodness.”

“See that no one returns evil to another; always seek one another’s good, and for that matter , the good of all. (1 Thessaloniki 5:15)”

“Yes it is a tall order, but I never ask anything of you without giving you the grace to do it. My goodness in you brings victorious triumph. My goodness is taming your carnal passions & instinct. Have no fear for I AM with you to uphold you & to work My goodness into your nature & character. That is the way to grow in the fruit of the Spirit & in the spiritual authority I have given you. As you allow Me to work My nature into you, My goodness will triumph in you & thru you.
Never respond to evil with evil, that just makes things worse. Rather, respond with good & by good overcome evil. Seek the good of all & be an instrument of the triumph of goodness.”


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