Firm Foundation Friday

as received by Deacon Stan Cor; shared with permission

“No one can lay a foundation other than the one that has been laid, namely, Jesus Christ. (1 Cor. 3:11)”
Jesus is the Rock of our salvation, the firm foundation of our faith. He is the chief cornerstone on whom all else is built (Eph 2:20-22).
“This Jesus is the stone rejected by you the builders which has become the very cornerstone. There is no salvation in anyone else, for there is no other name in the whole world given to men by which we are to be saved. (Acts 4:11-12)”
“Jesus is the Rock of my salvation, His banner over me is love.”
Jesus demonstrated the love of God to us in His life, and willing sacrifice on the cross for our salvation and restoration to friendship and favour with God. He is the Rock on which we must build our entire lives. As a song has it,
“On Jesus, the Rock, I stand, all other soil is sinking sand.”
During Lent, this season of grace, build firmly upon Jesus and make Him your firm foundation and His Word your solid guide to life here on earth and forever in the glories of heaven. A firm foundation is Jesus for us!

“I AM indeed the firm foundation for a life of faith, ever increasing faith. I AM the Source of abundant life. Founded on Me, the Rock, you are on an upward journey in this life. upward to the glories of heaven.
What you build on Me is built on a firm foundation. What is built on Me will withstand the storms of life, for I keep it safe always. Build on Me; build on My Word.
Build on Me the firm foundation.”

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