Maturity Monday

as received by Deacon Stan Cor; shared with permission

Maturity comes thru facing & overcoming adversity. Maturity is seen in qualities like consistency, honesty, dependability, perseverance, gratitude & appreciation. Maturity is not a matter of how old a person is, but of good character often formed in the fires of difficulties & testing.
A mature person takes responsibility for their situation, does not blame others. Such a person works to improve their situation & help others do the same.
Spiritual maturity is made evident in our attitude, character & conduct:
God is good & therefore life is good.
A sense of gratitude & appreciation overflowing in thanksgiving & joy.
A cheerful disposition in all circumstances.
Dependability – do what we say we will do.
Consistent in daily prayer, Scripture, praise & worship to feed our spirit & soul.
Constancy – strong & steady, not an emotional weed in the wind.
A ‘can do’ attitude: with God all things possible.
Active in the life of their faith community.
Attentive to God & lovingly obedient to Him.
Grown and still growing in the fruit of the Spirit. (Galatians 5:22-26)
Is an encourager and helper to others.
Plus much more.

“Spiritual maturity will make you a consistent steadfast disciple operating lovingly in the power of the Holy Spirit & the Word. All My disciples are called to maturity in the Spirit so as to be a force tearing down enemy strongholds & releasing captives from the prisons of sin & darkness, bringing them into My Light of glory.
Spiritual maturity is more than a goal to be attained although it is that also. A new recruit in a army does not receive the rank of a general because he does not have the needed training or experience. A soldier is promoted thru the ranks as he gains experience in addition to his training & as he shows the qualities & maturity for leadership. Likewise, My generals are those who have humbly submitted to the time of training & have gained experience & have shown spiritual maturity & stability. These have grasped My vision for them & those I appoint them to lead.My generals are familiar with the enemy’s schemes & tactics because they have faced & overcome him before as they relied on My wisdom & grace. Thus My generals can thwart & nullify the enemy’s plans & keep him from inflicting damage.

My generals can confidently lead the charge to tear down enemy strongholds & to take back territory & areas of influence he has stolen. My generals take ground for Me & return it to My kingdom rule enforcing My victory. They can be victorious for they inquire of Me for My plan of attack & they are quick to obey My directions. They are victorious for they know Me & My authority
& power available to them. They know that their weapons of warfare are mighty in God to the tearing down of strongholds, mighty to win the victory every time.
My generals are spiritually mature & spiritually wise. They are well trained & well disciplined. They are well equipped as they have received all that they need from Me, the Captain of the heavenly hosts, the heavenly armies. It is the spiritually mature, the wholeheartedly devoted that I promote to be generals. Are you ready? Come to Me and let Me make you ready. Ask Me & I will help you grow in maturity, wisdom & experience. As you grow I will be able to promote you thru the ranks & you will be more & more effective in My army of light & life.
Seek & achieve the spiritual maturity I have planned for you. I need more fully mature generals. Come!”

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