Transcendent Thursday

as received by Deacon Stan Cor;  shared with permission

Transcendent: going beyond the limits of ordinary experience:  far better or greater than what is usual; surpassing, being beyond our comprehension

“Today is not the ordinary day it may seem to be because I AM in your day & I AM with you. I call you to transcend above the so-called normal, to rise above earthly limits & into the realm of My kingdom possibilities. I promised that those who believe in Me would do the works I do & far greater than these so as to glorify the Father in Me, Jesus the Son. I promised that believers would be transcendent, operating in miracles, healing, signs & wonders. What are you waiting for?
Rise above the lies that hold you back; lies like, ‘Who, little old me?” or, ‘Who do you think you are that God would use you in mighty ways like that?’ Transcend the limits the enemy of your soul tries to get you to accept. You are not a mere mortal; you are a born-again child of God Most High, the God of limitless power. Imitate God, your Father; imitate Me your Saviour & Lord; be bold & creative in the Holy Spirit.
Transcend & rise above what you think is possible. Rise up to My realm where nothing is impossible. Rise up in the humility that it is not you who do the work but that I have chosen to work thru you. It is your expectant faith drawing me on the scene to demonstrate My power thru you.
Be attentive to Holy Spirit as He leads you, teaches you & equips you. Do not presume, but do not hesitate either as He leads you. Transcend the limits & failures of the past; it is a new day for a new move of Holy Spirit, glory & revival, a new day of Holy Spirit directed harvest of souls. The signs & wonders are a vital part in attracting souls to Me for deliverance & salvation.
Transcend the limitations you have accepted in the past. Transcend & rise to the realm of My glory & supernatural possibilities.
Transcend so the Father is glorified in Me & in you, precious child. Be a transcendent disciple of Mine!”

“Be transcendent, rise above the ordinary & expected; enter into the glorious realm of supernatural possibilities. Rise up into My kingdom authority & power. You are not ordinary nor are you limited to living & doing the merely ordinary. You are citizens & representatives of heaven. You are My ambassadors charged with the privileged duty of bringing heaven on earth, to act in My Name, My authority & power.
I have not left you orphans or powerless. I have given you My Name, My Body and Blood, My Word, My authority & power and the right to use them. The love of God has been shed abroad in your hearts by the Holy Spirit who has been given to you.
Embrace this truth & the assignment to be among those who operate in notable signs & wonders and rise into the awesome realms of My glory & power.”

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